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Hi and welcome to the Strategi Financial Software site.
My name is Patrick Sullivan, CEO of ScenarioNow Inc., the company that designed the software for Strategi.

Here are instructions for downloading and installing the software on your computer.
1.  Please Note: This program requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on your computer. If you don’t have Excel, you’ll be able to download the program but it will not work. The software was designed to be used with Excel 2010. We will soon post a version that works with Excel 2013. Please note which version you are using and download the appropriate file.
2. Click on the link above that says “Click Here” next to the picture. The program will download to your computer. When it completes, it will give you the option to run it. Do so.
3. Accept the default options on each screen by hitting “Next” until installation is complete. When the program finishes installing it will give you an option to view the “Read Me” file. Click OK. There is an activation code for the software inside this file that you will need for the next step.
4. RUNNING THE SOFTWARE: The first time you run the software (after clicking on the star icon you will see on your computer desktop), you will be asked to enter the activation code. Enter it now.
5. The main screen for the program will appear in about 30 seconds. (It takes a little time to load the program graphics.)

Additional information will be published on the software over the next few days including screen shots and a basic overview of the program.

Your contact person for questions is David Rey at Strategi. Please contact him if you have additional questions.

Patrick Sullivan, CEO

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